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 Rumors of Faerun

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PostSubject: Rumors of Faerun   Rumors of Faerun EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 7:38 pm

1371 DR (last year!)

-The ancestral island homes of the elves, the Isle of Evermeet had come under unknown attack which was repelled.

-The Harpers have become divided because of an unknown conflict between Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and the other Harpers.

-The zulkirs of Thay, tired of the incessant battles with Aglarond, offered a truce. The Simbul accepted with reservations.

- Nalavatoryl the Devil Dragon led an army of orcs, goblins, and worse, despoiling much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slew each other in battle, leaving an infant heir on Cormyr's throne.

-Mulhorand invaded Unther, beginning the Third Mulhorand Empire.

-To stand against the forces of evil, High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon called the leaders of all the important settlements to council. From Old Delzoun, the Moonlands, and the Rauvin Vale
came elf, human, and dwarf lords to seek answers to their common troubles. Out of that oft-stormy meeting came the High Lady's Alliance, a confederation of city-states known as the
League of the Silver Marches.
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Rumors of Faerun
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