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 Fighter Class Revisions

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Fighter Class Revisions Empty
PostSubject: Fighter Class Revisions   Fighter Class Revisions EmptyThu Sep 13, 2012 7:14 am

New Class Features:

Adaptive Style: An experienced fighter learns to adapt his expertise with a single weapon to apply to other weapons like it. In order to gain the benefit of this feature the fighter must have the weapon training class feature with at least a +2 bonus in a single weapon group. If the fighter has feats that only apply when wielding a single weapon within that group, for example Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Improved Critical, as well as the greater versions of these, he may now choose a second weapon from that group and apply those feats effects to both.

For example, if Brutus the fighter has weapon training+2 (heavy blades) and the feat weapon focus:falchion, he could use this feature to apply the benefit of that feat with greatswords as well. He could not choose Glaive as the 2nd weapon however, since glaives are not within the Heavy blades weapon group. Whenever the fighter attains a +2 bonus with another weapon group he can also choose another weapon from that group to apply this feature to if he possesses feats of that sort for it.

When the fighter attains a +3 or +4 weapon training bonus he may choose a 3rd and 4th weapon from the group to apply his feats to. When the fighter attains Weapon Mastery with a weapon he may then apply his feats to all other weapons within that group, however, the bonuses gained from Mastery still only apply to a single weapon.

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Fighter Class Revisions
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