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 Rogue class revisions

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Rogue class revisions Empty
PostSubject: Rogue class revisions   Rogue class revisions EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 6:30 am

Skills: Rogues now recieve 10 skill point per level plus the bonus for a high intelligence score.

Improved Precision: this ability is now gained by rogues at 7th level. The rogue may add her dexterity to damage in addition to strength when performing a sneak attack. This bonus is not multiplied when using a two handed weapon or power attacking.

Minor Magic: This talent now grants 3 0 level spells from the sorc/wiz list and one 1st level spell.

Major Magic: This Talent now grants 2 1st level spells and one 2nd level spell.

New rogue talents:

Combat Acrobat: The rogue gains a bonus on acrobatics checks made to avoid attacks of opportunity for moving through threatened or enemy-occupied squares equal to one half her rogue level.

New Advanced talents:

Shadow Strike: As a standard action, the rogue may make a single melee attack against an opponent denied his dexterity bonus that ignores armor and the like, resolving against touch AC, in addition, the rogue may add his dexterity modifier to the damage dealt by this attack. The rogue may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3+ his intelligence modifier. The rogue must have the Weapon Finesse feat to gain this talent.

Spectral Strike: The rogue may now sneak attack (but not critically hit) incorporeal undead as if they did not possess immunity to the extra damage. In addition, the rogue's melee attacks benefit from the ghost touch property. The rogue must be of good alignment to select this talent.

Dark Stalker: The rogue becomes so stealthy that he is difficult to detect even by nonstandard senses. Creatures using Scent, Tremorsense, Blindsense, or Blindsight must beat the rogue's stealth check with perception in order to detect his presence. In order to select this talent the rogue must have the Skill Mastery advanced talent, applied to Stealth.

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Rogue class revisions
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