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 Eladrin and the Court of Stars

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PostSubject: Eladrin and the Court of Stars   Eladrin and the Court of Stars EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 7:45 pm

Eladrins are chaotic good celestials, distant cousins to the neutral
good guardinals and lawful good archons. The ranks of the
eladrins include the bralani and ghaele. Rules for making a ghaele character are also
presented in Savage Species.
Like all celestials, eladrins are advocates of good throughout
the planes and staunch enemies of fiends. Their favorite causes
include opposition to organized evil and tyrannical regimes, as
well as combating the influence of devils.
Eladrins are no less beautiful than other celestials, but have a
fey, somewhat wild look in comparison, for example, to the
stately beauty of the archons.

The noble, passionate, and mercurial eladrins call the Olympian
Glades of Arborea their home. Shifting between its three layers
is a demiplane known as the Court of Stars—the seat of power
of the eladrin people. The Court of Stars drifts about Arborea
like an autumn leaf on a pool and can only be reached when the
eladrin monarch, Queen Morwel, wishes it so. Portals leading to
and from the Court of Stars can manifest anywhere—within
the halls of Corellon Larethian’s Court on Arvandor, beneath
the eternal sea of Aquallor, somewhere in the white deserts of
Mithardir, or any other location Morwel fancies. No power on
Arborea seems capable of opening or closing a portal without
Morwel’s consent. Rumor has it that one of Arborea’s fabled
attractions, the Fountain of Beauty, which has the power to temporarily
improve one’s Charisma, can only be reached from the
Court of Stars, and that Morwel requires some kind of gift
before granting passage.
Morwel’s demiplane resembles an autumnal sylvan forest
under a starlit sky. Time does not pass here, so creatures living in
the demiplane (including plants) never age, hunger, or thirst.
They do eat, drink, and sleep, but purely for enjoyment. Fey
creatures living in the forest lead visitors to Morwel’s palace,
which thrusts up from the heart of the woodland, its spires
breaking through the forest canopy. Within the crystalline walls
of her palace, Morwel entertains guests, hosts parties, and discusses
pressing issues with her eladrin advisors and consorts.
Queen Morwel can seem flighty and pretentious at times, but
she has the best interests of her people at heart. She does not
rule alone, relying heavily on the counsel of her dear consorts.
Over the centuries, Morwel has taken many consorts. Currently,
she has two: a male tulani named Faerinaal and a female bralani
named Gwynharwyf. Her affection for both is beyond measure.
Faerinaal is a master politician and a shrewd judge of character.
Morwel relies on his guidance to handle serious matters
affecting her darling subjects. Gwynharwyf is a fierce and devastating
warrior whose tireless crusade against evil helps to
unite the eladrin people.

Morwel (MOR-wel) has always ruled the eladrins. No eladrin can
recall any monarch coming before her, and no eladrin can imagine
the Court of Stars without her. To them, she has always been.
Since time does not pass in the Court of Stars, it is conceivable
that Morwel is many thousands of years old, although no one
dares ask her to reveal her age.
Morwel never leaves her demiplane, and some fear that if she
did leave, the demiplane would collapse and be destroyed forever.
However, she welcomes and entertains a steady stream of
visitors and ardent admirers.

As Morwel’s consort, Faerinaal (FAY-reh-nayl) provides company
and counsel to the queen. He also oversees the defense of the
Court of Stars should it ever fall under attack. Faerinaal’s last
sworn duty is to liberate any eladrins captured by the forces of
evil. (It was during such a mission to the Abyss that Faerinaal’s
predecessor, Vaeros, perished.)
Faerinaal adores Morwel more than any other creature and
would gladly give his life to protect hers. His alternate form is
that of a 4-foot-radius scintillating sphere of rainbow-hued light.

A patron of good barbarians, Gwynharwyf (gwin-HAR-wif ) is
Queen Morwel’s loyal champion and a barbarian of unparalleled
ferocity. As one of Morwel’s consorts, she attends to the queen’s
desires when not leading barbarian hordes in the eternal
struggle against evil

Types of Eladrin


The smallest of the eladrins, the spritelike coures
embody carefree wandering, celebrating life as a
joyous dance. They often serve more powerful
beings as messengers and scouts, provided
those they serve can tolerate their erratic
humor and near endless pranks. Coures
exist to laugh. They prefer a star-filled
night in the open to any other time or
place, preferring to reveal their pranks
and dance only in their own faerie light.
Coure eladrins appear in a variety of
improbable colors and are fond of wearing
bright apparel of questionable taste.
A coure can also assume the shape of an
incorporeal ball of light at will.
Coures stand 2 feet tall and weigh 20
pounds. They speak Celestial and

The firre (pronounced FEER) eladrins love nothing more than an
evening spent dancing and singing around the campfire, but
such frivolity masks their serious purpose as guardians of
artistry and beauty. Devotees of all things precious and lovely,
firres take up arms to protect works of art and the artists that
create them. They’re the mostly widely traveled of the eladrins,
going far and wide to hear a noted bard, gaze at a particular dazzling
sunset, or witness a finely acting drama.
Firres can also transform themselves at will into crackling, 8-
foot-tall pillars of fire.
A firre stands about 6 feet tall and weighs
150 pounds. Firres speak Celestial, Common,
Draconic, and Infernal.

Shiradis battle for freedom across the planes, helping the
oppressed, deceived, and less fortunate wherever they travel.
They are in some ways the most morally flexible of all celestials,
believing that all creatures are free to act as they see fit as long as
their actions do not in turn impinge on the freedoms of others.
Although they often act on impulse, shiradis fight tirelessly
on the side of good, seeking out those conflicts and areas where
good creatures cannot act or think freely.
A shiradi exhibits none of the elflike frailty of other eladrins.
In addition to its statuesque humanoid form, it can take the
form of a swirling cloud of golden, triangular shards of light.
Shiradis weigh 400 pounds and speak Celestial, Common,
Draconic, and Infernal.

The tulanis, the ancient faerie lords of the eladrin, roam seeking
peace, beauty, and solitude. These great beings favor peace,
though the plights of good creatures can move them to fight
evil. When stirred to battle, the beautiful tulanis can shatter
entire armies of evil, wielding glowing swords of light and cascades
of lightning.
Tulanis exude unearthly beauty and grace; their voices are
living music, and their faces shine with purity and beauty. The
most reclusive of the eladrins, tulanis rarely stray from the
forests of the outer planes unless in answer to a dire summons.
The tulanis, and through them all eladrins, answer to the Queen
of Stars, the greatest of their kind.
Tulanis speak Auran, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven,
Infernal, and Sylvan. They stand 6 feet tall and weigh 150
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Eladrin and the Court of Stars
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