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 All Life May Be Consumed

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The DM

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PostSubject: All Life May Be Consumed   All Life May Be Consumed EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 7:31 pm

Kiaransalee was the mortal queen of a world called Threnody at least 30,000 years in the past. She was banished by her husband the king, and worked for centuries to raise an undead army to exact vengeance for this. When she was finally done, all life on her world was extinguished. Fleeing with her minions to the Abyss to escape the wrath of the Seldarine, she eventually became a demigoddess. At some point she was slighted by Orcus, though no one but her remembers the details.

In the fortress of Candlekeep D'ybb was able to unearth lore to the effect of: "It is unknown, even to Kiaransalee, whether the Prince of the Undead has successfully transformed himself into an undead god, has been destroyed forever, or simply waits for another opportunity to return to (un)life." Therefore, regardless of what the truth is, the text states that Kiaransalee is making efforts to find and eliminate every last trace of both Orcus and Tenebrous, leaving her with little interest in interacting with the other gods of Faerun."

In later years the goddess Lolth fell into the Abyss as well, capturing Kiaransalee in her twisted web. For millennia, the Lady of the Dead labored under Lolth's spidery shadow as the goddess of undeath and vengeance, capable of only small acts of rebellion.

now to the point

Within the cavern of Maerymidra the following effects now reign.

- Enhanced Magic: Necromancy spells (except those that
use positive energy), all other spells and spell-like abilities
that use negative energy, and spells with the death or evil descriptors
(as well as spell-like abilities that mimic those) are
empowered as if the Empower Spell feat had been used with
them, though spells so affected don’t require higher-level
slots. Spells and spell-like abilities that are already empowered
are unaffected by this benefit. Spells cast from wands,
staffs, or scrolls are enhanced, but those from other magic
items are not.

Impeded Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities that use positive
energy, including all Conjuration (Healing) spells as
well as spells such as bless water, consecrate, and disrupt
undead, are impeded. These spells and spell-like abilities can
still be used, but a successful Spellcraft check (DC 20 + level
of the spell) is required to do so. Spells from wands, staffs,
and scrolls are likewise impeded, but other magic items (such
as potions) are unhindered. The Weave disruption also imposes
a –4 penalty on Fortitude saving throws made to
remove negative levels if such are attempted while within
its area.

Effects on Undead: The Weave disruption is similar to a
desecrate spell in its effects on undead. Charisma checks
made to turn undead within a disruption take a –3 penalty,
while Charisma checks made to rebuke or control undead
gain a +3 profane bonus. Undead within the area gain a +1
profane bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving

Detecting the Weave Disruption: A character who views
the Weave disruption with a detect magic spell detects the
presence of magic on the first round and the existence of
some kind of disruption on the second round. A character
who studies the area for 3 rounds can attempt a Spellcraft
check (DC 30) to determine its effects and its exact borders.

Weave Disruptions and the Shadow Weave: Shadow
Weave spellcasters are unaffected by these disruptions in the
Weave. Such characters can detect a disruption normally
(even if they have the Insidious Magic feat), since it is
essentially necromantic in function.

It occurs to you in passing that if you do not stop this catastrophe, perhaps no one will. You assume that if you move to greener pastures the gods of Faerun will intervene in time. Perhaps the gods of Threnody thought the same.

Have a nice day!
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D'yb D'anzig

D'yb D'anzig

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PostSubject: Re: All Life May Be Consumed   All Life May Be Consumed EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 3:31 pm

You guys get that?

Okay, show of hands... who likes being alive?

*raises hand*
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PostSubject: Re: All Life May Be Consumed   All Life May Be Consumed EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 5:23 am

Read it, but like Brutus, don't understand most of it........ In the end, just need to kill everything in the castle I am guessing
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PostSubject: Re: All Life May Be Consumed   All Life May Be Consumed Empty

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All Life May Be Consumed
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