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Board for my Pathfinder game in Kaohsiung!
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 A somewhat chilly warmup

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The DM
The DM

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A somewhat chilly warmup Empty
PostSubject: A somewhat chilly warmup   A somewhat chilly warmup EmptyMon Nov 07, 2011 5:59 pm

For slaying the giants and their pet, and surviving the cold night you each receive 4,000 experience points

In the filthy and ice encrusted sachels you find some dead, dismembered humanoid parts, boulders for throwing and:

880 gold pieces
23 platinum pieces
4 Deep blue spinels (500gp each)
a +1 dagger
a potion of bless

After some careful dissection Jaxx removes a strange gland from the remorhaz's body which glows with internal heat.
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A somewhat chilly warmup
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