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 Welcome to the Dalelands

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Welcome to the Dalelands Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Dalelands   Welcome to the Dalelands EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 6:10 pm

Quote :
You have received an urgent summons to the hall of Lord
Randal Morn, ruler of Daggerdale. Randal Morn has governed
the war-torn dale for more than four years now.
Under his wise guidance, much of the damage done by the
decades-long Zhent occupation has been repaired, and the
folk of Daggerdale have begun to prosper again. The heroic
story of Randal Morn’s resistance against the Zhents and the
restoration of his throne is widely known throughout the

Before you arrived in the Dale each PC managed to procure a copy of this map:

Welcome to the Dalelands Dagger10

it seems to be an old map and may be quite out of date, but you guess that many locations are still relatively accurate.

The summons notes that Randal Morn's residence is located in the town on Dagger Falls, and that you will be welcomed there. It seems he may have heard of your group.
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Welcome to the Dalelands
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