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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Character Creation EmptyMon Sep 26, 2011 2:32 pm

To create your character, you may choose between the following options to determine your ability scores.

1. Use the 25 point buy system detailed on page 16 of the Core Rulebook

2. Use the standard roll system detailed on page 16-- roll 4d6 6 times, reroll 1's, and discard the lowest die on each roll. Assign the 6 totals to your scores as you wish. You must roll your scores under DM observation and no rerolls are allowed.

Starting level is 9th with standard wealth by level.

Good or Neutral alignments only for PC's.

You may take maximum hit points for your first hit die, after that you can roll twice and take the best roll for each level.

All Paizo created pathfinder classes are allowed as well as all of the races in the Core Rulebook, as well as the races posted in the "Races of Faerun" thread in this forum. All prestige classes, 3rd party material, additional races, and 3.5 FR material will be allowed on a case by case basis after DM approval. The same goes for equipment and magic items not in the core rulebook-- I need to OK it first.

All PC's begin with 3 hero points. You may take feats from the APG that affect hero points, but you may not purchase items that do so without DM approval.

The campaign will begin in the Dalelands area of Faerun. Please create a character native to that area or provide a background as to how your character arrived there. Copies of the Player's Guide to Faerun are available. The campaign will be fairly combat-intensive and will take place largely underground.

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Character Creation
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